Sisense Inc. Recognized as One to Watch in Snowflake’s Modern Marketing Data Stack Report

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Sisense enable joint customers to build end-to-end solutions on Snowflake’s Data Cloud that delivers insights embedded into products, business workflows and productivity tools, used by knowledge workers every day, helping them find answers, and for business leaders – gain the necessary knowledge to take actions in a matter of minutes

NEW YORK — Sisense Inc. today announced that it has been recognized as a One to Watch in the inaugural Modern Marketing Data Stack Report: Your Technology Guide to Unifying, Analyzing, and Activating the Data that Powers Amazing Customer Experiences executed and launched by Snowflake, the Data Cloud company.

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Snowflake’s agnostic, data-backed report identifies the best of breed solutions used by Snowflake customers to show how marketers can leverage the Snowflake Data Cloud with accompanying partner solutions to best identify, serve, and convert valuable prospects into loyal customers. By analyzing usage patterns from a pool of nearly 6,000 customers, Snowflake identified six technology categories that organizations consider when building their marketing data stacks. These categories include:

  • Analytics
  • Integration & Modeling
  • Identity & Enrichment
  • Activation & Measurement
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Science & Machine Learning

The report explores each of these categories that comprise the Modern Marketing Data Stack, highlighting technology partners and their solutions as “leaders” or “ones to watch” within each category. The report also details how current Snowflake customers leverage a number of these partner technologies to enable data-driven marketing strategies and informed business decisions. Snowflake’s report provides a concrete overview of the partner solution providers and data providers marketers choose to create their data stacks.

“Marketing professionals continue to expand their investment in analytics to improve their organization’s digital marketing activities. Snowflake’s goal is to empower them in their journey to data-driven marketing,” said Denise Persson, Chief Marketing Officer at Snowflake. “Sisense’s strong performance and innovative approach within Snowflake qualified them as one to watch in the BI and Analytics categories due to their demonstrated customer success. We look forward to observing their continued momentum in empowering our joint customers.”

Sisense Inc. was identified in Snowflake’s report as a ‘one to watch’ in Analytics and Business Intelligence

“Being recognized as a company to watch in Snowflake’s inaugural Modern Marketing Data Stack report is a testament to the dedication Sisense demonstrates for our joint customers,” Scott Castle, Sisense Chief Strategy Officer said. “We look forward to continuing to partner with Snowflake to create innovative approaches that empower our customers to adopt a best-of-breed marketing data stack to advance their business and serve their customers.”

The smallest insights can drive large-scale business decisions.
Sisense’s goal is to empower business leaders with a simple, streamlined process of getting the answers they need to get business done.
Sisense believes that in order to make better-informed business decisions, we need to remove the barriers between questions and answers where end users work. Because once there is a clear path to clear answers, business leaders can better understand their world and gain the necessary knowledge to take action in it.
Through the deep integration of Sisense’s analytical engine and live data models with the elasticity and power of Snowflake, Sisense Fusion delivers insights embedded into products, business workflows and productivity tools knowledge workers use every day.
We are not delivering solutions for BI, we are helping people find answers. By streamlining the process of accessing insights, business leaders can gain the necessary knowledge to take critical action in a matter of minutes.
This is how business decisions get made–confidently.

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