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Ultra-Processed Foods May Impair Cognition in Elderly

Processed or ultra-processed?

An article earlier this year in the European Journal of Nutrition reported that high consumption of ultra-processed foods is linked to worse-than-average performance on one particular test of cognitive function in older US adults (60+ years-old) who

Boeing to slash nearly 150 finance jobs in US


(Reuters) – Planemaker Boeing Co said on Tuesday it plans to cut about 150 finance jobs in the United States this year to simplify its corporate structure and focus more resources into manufacturing and product development.

The company will reduce

Should You Be Concerned About Arsenic in Rice?


Arsenic-based pesticides have been used in agricultural practices for many years, and, accordingly, soils and groundwater in the US are contaminated with varying levels of arsenic. Because arsenic exists in soil and water, it finds its way into our food

Here’s How I Doubled My Income in One Year

Happy woman reviewing paperwork and a laptop at home

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You’ll never know what you can achieve if you don’t try.

Key points

  • Changing careers was only the beginning of the big changes I made to my finances in the last year.
  • Working with a financial