An overview of ADSS’ markets

Picking a broker to work with can be a challenging endeavour. This is because not all brokers are created the same. This is why it is essential you do your research before committing to work with a broker. Make sure you take a look at the services they provide, the markets and assets they offer, any hidden fees, as well as their customer support. In this ADSS review, we examine the popular brokerage firm ADSS and the markets it offers to clients. Keep reading to learn more.

Markets overview

ADSS provides multi-asset derivatives trading through Contracts for Differences (CFDs), which gives traders access to global markets. Traders have the option of choosing from major, highly liquid currency pairs, or even minor and exotic currency pairs. Traders can also trade CFDs on equities, global indices, commodities, and single stocks. Moreover, the investment company can provide daily market updates directly to your inbox, meaning you can keep an eye on current events that impact market movements, allowing you to make more informed decisions before placing trades.

As an award-winning MENA broker, ADSS is regulated in the UAE by the Securities and Commodities Authority. You can be sure they provide clients with a safe trading experience, regardless of your financial objectives or experience level.


ADSS allows traders to trade CFDs on indices, instead of just simply on individual equities, through its industry-leading platform. Whether they are going long or short, traders can take advantage of competitive spreads, deep liquidity, and one of the most competitive rates of leverage on the market. Traders can also use ADSS’ trading platform to respond to global events, capitalise on volatile markets or gain exposure to an entire industry or economy.

Some of ADSS’ featured indices include the NASDAQ, S&P 500, Dow Jones, German Dax, FTSE, and more. Their tick size starts at one point, and ADSS provides a maximum leverage of 333:1. According to the broker’s official website, all trades are commission-free.


The forex market is the world’s largest and most liquid financial market, and traders can find opportunities in forex price movementsthrough ADSS. With its easy-to-use trading platform, users can trade over 60 forex pairs that have some of the best prices in the market. There are also no hidden fees, so traders always know what they are getting into when trading.

Some forex pairs that ADSS offers to traders include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, NZD/JPY, and more. Elite+ account holders can also access superior spreads that range from 0.7 to 5.9. The leverage the broker offers ranges from 50:1 to 500:1. Additionally, ADSS was voted Best FX Platform 2021 in the Middle East at the Global Forex Awards, so forex traders can feel confident placing their trades on this platform.


For those looking to trade stocks, the brokerage firm’s stock CFDs allow users to view and trade on companies listed on stock exchanges all around the world, including major players in the GCC region. Some of these sectors include technology, financial, healthcare, and communication. You have the option of either going long or short on conglomerates such as Amazon, Meta, Nike, Tesla, and Boeing, to name a few.

The tick size for these shares ranges from 0.01 point to 1 point, with leverage ranging from 4:1 to 20:1. ADSS also provides plenty of news and market analysis so traders can keep up with current events, allowing them to be amongst the first to spot the next big opportunity.


Traders can also trade commodities with ADSS. Traders can take advantage of market volatility and have the option of trading commodity CFDs and commodity futures. The company’s website also boasts a 0% commission on any trades. Commodities are traded per whole tick movement. This offers a simpler way for traders to trade compared to using commodity futures, and it lets traders enjoy tight and competitive spreads.

Commodities offered by ADSS include US crude oil, gold, silver, coffee, natural gas, and copper. These are popular choices for traders looking to unlock new opportunities and diversify their portfolios. The tick size of each commodity is 1 point, and their tick value is 1 USD. The leverage when it comes to trading commodities ranges from 20:1 to 200:1.


Although cryptocurrencies are still quite new in the financial markets, they are nonetheless becoming very popular these days. ADSS offers cryptocurrencies for traders looking to branch out and find new opportunities. While cryptocurrencies are very volatile, leading to a lot of risks, the same volatility creates a plethora of opportunities for risk-averse traders to take advantage of. Traders can trade crypto CFDs on ADSS’ trading platform to trade some of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

While most cryptocurrencies are traded via eWallets, ADSS traders will not need one. Instead, they can trade directly through the broker’s platform. ADSS also ensures that trader funds are not transferred to unregulated crypto exchanges. The tick size of cryptocurrencies is 1 point, and its tick value is 1 USD. ADSS offers leverage ranging from 2:1 to 4:1.

Bottom line

ADSS is a comprehensive broker that offers plenty of instruments for traders to take advantage of. These include global indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, currencies and individual stocks. This lets traders easily diversify their portfolios, lowering their risk if the market moves in another direction.