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Common Ground brings small businesses to Medina


MEDINA – The Common Ground is a space in a historical warehouse that has been fixed up where community members and small business owners can gather for a unique shopping experience. A holiday market was just held this past weekend as one of their soft openings.

“We had our first soft opening on November 26. We had a small business Saturday event. Then, this past weekend we had our Christmas Market. We had a two-day popup, our Home for the Holiday Market,” said Kylie Brock, one of the owners.

The Common Ground won’t be officially opening until January 6, 2023. The holiday market was the last soft opening before the actual opening.

“We’ve had nothing but good feedback from the public. A lot of Medina is super excited to have this new addition to the city,” said Brock.

The permanent vendors opened for the holiday market and over 120 local and small business popups set up in the warehouse as well. Santa and Mrs. Claus made a visit and the food trucks, bakery and coffee shop were serving food.

“A lot of people didn’t even know that the building existed. It’s cool that we’re bringing new life to a historic warehouse in Medina that has been here for years and years and years,” said Brock.

She shared that everyone seems excited about this location. It serves as a way for small business owners who have operated primarily online or in a small store front, and even those who are new to operating a business, to operate their business in a physical location without the pressure of being alone in a brick-and-mortar and-mortar business. It can serve as a stepping stone for some small local vendors.

“I feel like, in this day in age, a lot of people are trying to support local and shop small and it’s nice that now we have an area to provide that to people on top of restoring an old historic warehouse and a piece of history from Medina,” said Brock.

A variety of venders had stands and products for customers to use and shop.

“This is actually my very first popup. I love that it was a new start, this is their first holiday market,” said Kate Cortese. “With the food trucks and the music, it’s a little more youthful and hipper.”

Kate Cortese is a vintage curator and stylist who has primarily sold on Instagram at @thatsreallygreatkate and will have an Etsy shop in the near future.

“I actually like talking to everyone. I primarily sell on Instagram, so this is my first in-person event, so I actually like getting to talk to people,” said Cortese.

The holiday market drew a large crowd on Saturday and Sunday. Christal Kaple enjoyed the crowds at The Common Ground.

“The crowds (her favorite part). I had a little gift shop in Seville,” said Kaple. “Art is made to be looked at. I love when people come in and look at things. That’s the best part, how busy it is.”

Kaple, who owns Christal Kaple Art, is one of the permanent vendors in The Common Ground as is Paula Kelley who owns Clear Creek Candle Co. Kaple can also be found online at and on Facebook and Instagram.

“It’s great that there’s an opportunity for small business owners to have a space, an affordable space, to sell our products,” said Kelley.

She also shared that it’s a place where people from the community can gather and support local businesses.

“It’s a unique shopping experience. You can’t go to the mall and do this,” said her husband, Robert Kelley.

She can be found at or can be contacted at [email protected] and at (845) 905-2093.

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