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How to lose weight fast and easy


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Do you wonder how to lose weight fast and easy without the headache of counting calories day in and day out?

As you navigate a healthier lifestyle you will definitely find that losing weight and staying fit is much easier when you have the proper motivation and tools to do so, which is why I wanted to search through Amazon and help outline the best health products for people trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Finding the best products for your weight loss journey can be challenging because there are so many different people and products out there just trying to make a quick buck off of your weight loss struggles… rude!

Although I can’t tell you that these products will make losing weight easyI do in fact believe that these 10 weight loss/health products could aid in making your life a bit easier while trying to shape up!

Here is a list of my favorite Top 10 weight loss products that will aid in weight loss for women. All available on Amazon!

1. Goli Apple Cider Gummies

How to lose weight fast and easy

It’s obvious that apple cider vinegar for weight loss has been in an upward trend for the past few years, and rightly so! Apple cider vinegar does in fact have many health benefits, including weight loss which is why I would recommend trying to add it to your daily diet. Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight, apple cider vinegar has many other health benefits as well. One of which is that it can help lower your blood sugar and help diabetes with blood sugar control (check out my post about diabetes management). Apple cider vinegar can also aid in reducing inflammation which is a huge factor in healthy skin cells, and keeping you look younger…we all know that everyone wants to look younger (don’t lie!)

Unfortunately, the physical act of drinking apple cider vinegar every day is not recommended as it is highly acidic and can harm your esophagus and stomach lining over time. So how do we utilize apple cider vinegar for weight loss you might ask? Gummies of course! These Goli apple cider vinegar gummies are truly the best because they offer the same benefits as a full shot of apple cider vinegar with just two pieces and are also gluten-free and vegan friendly if that happens to be your diet of choice.


2. Organic Protein Powder

Don’t for a minute think that protein powder is only for men! Ladies can rock it too, and for my fellow fitness gals, this Organic protein powder really is the best. The reason I recommend this brand over all of the other ones, is that it is a complete protein source to help build muscle tissue, but also contains low net carbs, and is slightly lower calorie than its competition. Although I don’t necessarily feel its important to cut calories if you partake in high impact workouts daily as your body needs the extra fuel, I do like this product for the majority of women that just want the extra protein boost without too many added carbs .

Plus added bonus, it’s a bit cheaper than some of the other protein powders on the market and tastes better too!


3. Dragon Fit: Best Women’s Compression Leggings

The struggle is real for women trying to find the best workout leggings that aren’t too tight, too loose or ride up when you try to run . The Dragon Fit high waist leggings are great because they don’t bunch up when you move around too much, they are super comfortable, and the best part of all… they have pockets! Although I’m a sucker for my Fabletics leggings, these come very close in terms of comfort and style and are bit more budget friendly as you don’t need an expensive subscription to buy them. That’s why I am deeming these as the best women’s compression leggings to buy now on amazon!


4. POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice

I love pomegranate seeds! But the problem with them is that they are pretty pricey for the tiny amount of seeds that you actually get from each pomegranate, and buying them in a bundle with just the seeds is tough too because they don’t stay good for very long after they are already extracted from the fruit. That’s why I recommend just buying POM Wonderful Pomegranate juice Instead, you still get all of the same health benefits from the fruit but in a much simpler form.

Pomegranate juice is arguably one of the best types of juice for weight loss because it is very filling, and could easily replace other sugary foods that you might have indulged in instead if it weren’t for the deliciousness that is pomegranate juice. Plus it is full of antioxidants, various vitamins and minerals, as well as potassium which means it is perfect for an after-workout refreshment to help replace the nutrients that you may have lost from perspiration.


5. Booty Bands Resistance Bands

If you love at home workouts, than resistance bands are a must! They make an otherwise simple Pilates workout session extremely more difficult and much more beneficial for muscle toning and overall calorie expenditure. The Booty Bands Resistance Bands on amazon are the perfect, fun, little addition to your home gym because they come in these adorable pastel colors, and have three different resistance levels to fit the needs of every woman at every strength level. Weight loss for women made easy … and fun!


6. Nicewell Digital Food Scale

If you’re stuck in a dieting yo-yo, and feel like you just keep losing weight only to gain it right back you might need to step it up and actually start counting calories a little bit more precisely. Although I really HATE calorie counting, it truly is necessary for certain people, and not everybody has the food or nutrition knowledge to make sound decisions when it comes to calorie consumption. For those of you with similar problems, you might benefit from a digital food scale.

The Nicewell Digital Food Scale on Amazon, is great because it is light weight, easy to store when not in use, and also a really great price! It’s battery operated so no need to find a plug, which makes it great to take with you on the go, and the battery life is long enough that you hopefully won’t need to change them by the time you reach your weight loss goal anyway ️


7. Gxmmat Exercise Mat

The Gxmmat exercise mat is perfect to fit the bill for all of your workout needs, larger than a traditional yoga mat, this workout mat is perfect for a full body HIIT routine, various different stretches, and any other type of floor workouts that you might partake in. It comes in both black and pink (I love the pink!), it’s light weight and is super easy to roll up into a compact position for storage as well.


8. Clicilen Workout Top for Women

Full Disclosure I may have a slight obsession with cute workout clothes… but I can justify it with the fact that according to, a survey showed that 9 out of 10 women said that they feel much more motivated to workout when dressed in comfortable, trendy athleticwear than when they’re not. That’s a good enough reason for me anyway ️

The Clicilen Workout Tank is a great piece of athleticwear because unlike most workout tanks, it is actually a longer length and won’t ride up your belly as you move around. It’s also tight fitting at the bust but not too tight around the waist so it should be flattering on most body types, even if you aren’t stick thin!


9. KIND Mini Bars

Snacking is easy when you have these delicious little bars of joy! KIND mini bars are the perfect on the go snack to throw in your car, purse or wherever else you stash food They are super delicious, a little bit sweet, and little bit salty for a great balance of flavor and the best part is… they’re under 100 calories! They also make for a really simple yet healthy breakfast in the morning if you don’t have time to prepare anything fancy.


10. Mindful Eating Workbook

For some people, an unhealthy relationship with food is the culprit behind weight gain and for that, I would recommend the Mindful Eating Workbook, available on Amazon for a really great price right now. You can expect to find mindful eating exercises, actionable advice and tons of helpful information to guide you towards a healthy mindset.

Also, if you’re really serious about gaining a healthier mindset towards weight loss and body image, download my FREE Healthy Mindset Checklist for an easier, and more organized approach to mindfulness.


Also if you want a 100% FREE, nutritionist approved, meal plan delivered directly to your inbox sign up below for a sneak peek into what a healthy diet should look like and start your weight loss journey on the right foot! ️

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