Fundraiser by Paul Kitchen : Small Business Marketing Cards

Hi, I’m Paul Kitchen, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and owner of my own small business: Proper Marketing Ltd in Milton Keynes.

I’ve created a pack of 52 standard playing cards, each printed with a tried and tested marketing activity on the back that any business can carry out.

These physical cards sit on a supplied clear stand on your desk, where you would pick a card, every week, and do what the card says, and all of a sudden, you will be doing your own marketing incredibly well.

I’m hoping to give these cards away to high street retailers, small and micro businesses, startups, in fact, anyone who wants to master their own marketing.

My plan is to sell the packs to anyone who can afford to buy them, and offer them free to anyone who can’t. I’d like to think that everyone who needs to do their own marketing can have the best chance of success by performing the activities printed on these cards.

I have 100 packs printed already, which I can send for evaluation and proof of concept. I know the production costs and can have quantities made fairly instantly. I’ve given away 20 packs so far, and the feedback has been 100% positive. The cards are just perfect for any business that needs to market itself.

These cards will drive opportunity, empower everyone who has them to know what marketing to actually do, and unlock the mystery of marketing.

The cards cover social media, offline and online marketing, relationship marketing, retail marketing, business to business, how to reach out, who to reach out to, how to match clients with products, how to upsell, how to create products from services, how to keep customers coming back, just all the modern marketing techniques that are being used every day by professional marketers. And the best bit, you don’t need any marketing experience to complete the activities.

Long term, I plan to offer different languages, maybe specialist cards for specific industries and sectors, and then second and third iterations.

How you can help:

With your help and your donation, I will advertise to small businesses to let them know the cards exist, and that they can claim their free packs. This will be an epic gift to anyone in business.

I have set the price at £28 per pack to give me room to pay for the cards to be made and shipped and to pay for the promotion of the cards to businesses, and then cover the cost of sending the packs to their eager new owners, with a note saying who just paid for their cards…That’s you!

My message to you:

I hope you can help with my vision, and of course, I will keep you posted on the progress, and namecheck you every step of the way to promote your cause or your business. Just let me know how you would like to be mentioned when you donate.

thank you so much for reading, and even more thanks for joining in, I would have been so chuffed if someone had paid for me to master my own marketing, I’m sure our recipient businesses will be chuffed too.

Thank you for reading, and THANK YOU for your kind donation, you will make a difference..


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